The TitanCoil T3 doesn’t have a built-in crimping mechanism

DFG makes some excellent coil binding machines. One you should Mechanical parts fabrication services check out is the TitanCoil T3 . Here’s a close look at this heavy-duty machine’s strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: The TitanCoil T3 has an incredible punching capacity. It can punch as many as 30 sheets at a time which will definitely help you complete your work quickly. This machine uses color coils to bind documents. Coils are available in dozens of colors so you can easily find ones that are perfect for your work. If you use this machine’s coil inserter, you can bind documents containing up to 190 pages using 22 millimeter coils. However, you can use coils of any thickness if you choose to manually bind your work. That means your books can contain more than 400 pages.

If you’re going to insert the coil into your document with the machine, you can use a foot pedal to control the speed of the built-in roller. This helps keep your hands free so you have more control over the entire process. The TitanCoil T3 has disengageable dies as well as an open punching throat. That means you can use paper of varying sizes when creating your reports, proposals, etc. This is an incredibly durable machine that will stand up to heavy-duty use. It’s a good choice for print shops and binderies, as well as offices that need a reliable coil binding machine. Like many of DFG’s high-quality products, the TitanCoil T3 comes with a limited 1-year warranty so you’re covered if it begins to give you any problems.

Weaknesses: The TitanCoil T3 doesn’t have a built-in crimping mechanism. However, a pair of crimping pliers is included with every unit so you’ll still be able to finish your work properly. This machine’s handle is clearly designed for right-handed users. So using this device will be a bit tricky for anyone who’s left-handed. If your work area is particularly small, the TitanCoil T3 might not be the best choice. As you can see from reading this review, the DFG TitanCoil T3 has many more weaknesses than strengths and is, overall, an outstanding coil binding machine. This device is a heavy-duty unit that is able to bind just about anything and it’s so well-built you can use it over and over again.

The 30-page punching capacity is excellent and it’s great that you can choose between electric and manual binding. The foot pedal makes coil insertion much easier and the disengageable dies will be handy if your paper is particularly large or small. The inclusion of a pair of crimping pliers is a nice touch and will help you save money. (Crimping pliers can cost about $20 to $30 per pair if you buy them separately.) You’ll just want to keep in mind that left-handed users might find using this device a bit tricky thanks to the location of the handle. But overall, the TitanCoil T3 is terrific. Get it for your workplace today.